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I just got an IMac. How do I transfer my emails on Entourage from my old Mac to the new one.
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  1. You need to move your 'Microsoft User Data' folder to your new iMac. This contains all the data in all your Entourage identities, including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc. The folder is just inside your 'Documents' folder.
  2. Thanks, I couldn't wait. I hired my techi guy to do it.
  3. You're welcome, I'm glad your problem got solved. ;)

    If you're still using Entourage for your email, that same folder can be individually backed up as needed. I back up that folder to a jump drive when I'm on the road with just the laptop. I can then easily transfer it onto the office desktop computer when I get back and voila... all my emails, including all the ones I sent from my laptop, are synced on my main office computer.
  4. Appreciate it. Thanks again.
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