Windows 8 start up problem

my windows 8 is not starting
it is showing a green screen and nothing else
only F1,F2 etc buttons are working
i just installed it
it started in the first place
bt not now
plz help me with that
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  1. Try a new installation.
  2. Microsoft windows 8 is still on working progress it' not done yet wait when it done MICROSOFT will share its news in tomshardware.
  3. reboot and hit f8 and go into safe mode. most time it the last that that was installed or your trying to use an older copy of an anti virus software...happened to me a when i was beta testing win 8 before the cs pre came out. i hung windows 8 a few times becuase of new metro interface and anti virus ones from avast and avg both work fine in windows 8.
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