paging file wont change

i've made the mistake of downloading too much data on my file sharing program and it made a paging file warning come up on my computer saying that i need to increase it . i've done this before with no problem, but now for some reason it doesn't seem to work. the performance options screen says my paging file size is only 20mb. i go to the virtual memory screen and change the minumum and maximum values for the paging files on my hard drive (it only lets me choose to change the values for the hd, which i dont think is an issue here), and the change seems to go into effect when i hit "ok" on the virtual memory screen and the values show a change on the performance value screen, however when i turn the computer back on, the same error screen comes on saying that i need to increase the size of my paging files and when i go back to the performance value screen to change the values again, the screen shows my paging file size is back to 20mb again. what am i doing wrong? i've gone so far as to erase most of my downloaded music and videos that initially caused the problem and even uninstalled my file sharing program (kazaa). please help me before i destroy this computer.
Amd Xp 1700
40g HD
Ge Force Mx 400 video
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  1. Try pressing the Set button besides the fields where you change the Page file size. At least this is how it is on NT 4.0 here at work, and I have 2k at home and I'm pretty sure it the same.

    Good Luck,
  2. Could be your W2K partition is low on free space, it needs 15% and up to 25% free space to work properly, thats if you have one for W2k? Or your disk is full and/or needs a defrag! If you cannot defrag the drive it might tell you this anyway.

    Try a defrag, scandisk etc.

    If you are low on free space you could try removing some non-windows folder files such as redundant music and programs etc, if you have a partition try cut/pasting that Kazzaa shared folder from explorer to a non operating system partition or get a program called Powerquest partition magic 7 and increase the partition size to xxxx?GB+25%, or create one. My W2K pro partition is 4500MB so I have plenty spare. I also have added a 1.2Gb partition for the page file and just changed the directory the page file is in to the new partition, it does not need to be that big but whatever. If you have a lot of ram installed it should not need ever to use it, but it needs to know a page file is there and gives a warning anyway.

    Good luck.

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  3. been there, I used to put my pagefile on another drive, when i decided to remove it and change the pagefile to c drive there was no way I could find to set it up. put the max and min the same, set it like athousand times, but every time i rebooted it told me my pagefile was too small (20mb). try repairing win2k with the instalation cd... I reinstaled win2k.
  4. thanks for the advice, i think this is what i'll have to do as nothing else has worked, inluding a defrag.
  5. I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK!!! In doing a little searching on this site, i found that i didn't have to re-install windows after all. All i had to do is go to my hard drive in device manager and change the security properties on the drive and include "system" as an authorized user.
  6. Great job! A question though: where the security properties? I went to my hard drives in device manager, and there wasn't an option available in there. =\


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