Windows 7 is--dare I say it?--good.

After all of the Vista disappointment, I was not excited to switch from my trusty Win XP rig. But I had to upgrade my computer, so I warily bought my copy of Windows 7 Professional. After using it for a week, I have to say, I really like it. It is very intuitive and has some very useful new tools. I hate to say it, but way to go Microsoft. Anyone out there agree/disagree?
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  1. Completely agree! I also happen to think Vista was a rock solid OS (I personally had no problems with it) that got a lot of undeserved negative press. Glad to hear Windows 7 is working for you!
  2. Vista ran great for me at home and still runs good at the office computer. I'll admit that I prefer Windows 7, but to me there was really nothing wrong with Vista.
  3. Windows 7 Rocks! I too completely agree with you!
    Suffered a lot with Vista home premium!
    Now Using Windows 7 Home premium.
    Thumbs UP win 7
  4. went from XP Pro to Win7 Ultimate and had a host of problems , finally figured out that the Motherboard(Asus) had issues with the memory, got a Gigabyte board and all is well and very pleased with the new OS, have it on 3 computers now, my wife is Chinese and installed it in English(so I can use it for file transfer) and enabled the Chinese for her and is far superior to the language packs in XP, and on my laptop, an old Dell P3 and it works great on all of them
  5. Big thumbs up from me too. I tend to be a very conservative OS upgrader, but I was on the Win 7 Beta the moment it became available, and I've loved it ever since.
  6. Was an XP holdout for years; refused to go near Vista after trying to sort out my ex's machine, however tried Win 7 RC for 6 months then actually decided to BUY a retail copy, first time I've done that in a loooong time
  7. Agreed - I liked XP just fine, but never really had issues with Vista, as long as your rig was powerful enough, but I do have to say - I've upgraded everything to Win7 (even the netbook) and could not be happier - it just works - lots of nice little features that just make sense.
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