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Using a USB modem hooked up with Verizon. Is 3G good enough to connetc and game on?
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  1. I've been researching verizon and they really are a bunch of crazies who false advertise. I've had it THEIR AWESOME "GALAXY TAB" WITH 3G wireless DONGLE for a year now and I believe this guy's site who is saying the download speeds top out at 170 kbps which probably would be the max of how much raw data you receive in games depending on how many players are in the particular area your connected to. Also, just the week actualy some crazy stuff is happening to me it tells me i'm in international areas and that it will severely deduct usage and by the way the "ulimited" is also false its 3 gigabytes and to anyone who knows gaming data that can go quickly with enough people connected. Like for instance 32 players on unreal tournament takes more data than two players. As for 4g idk could be worth it but next time sign a contract with sprint 4g i think.

    but seriously, 170 kps is only a bit faster than dial-up copper lines out in the rainy roadss stuff.
    you wanna hear something funny? I actually tried to game on dial-up and one day it was more reliable
  2. yes ,3g is very fast when you on the internet
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