Best mp3 player (100 songs)?

hey everyone, quick question. I want to get an mp3 player that i can take up with me to go snowboarding/roadtrips/etc.
So i want an mp3 player that:
- Durable/ (waterproof case?) for snowboarding and regular use
- High quality audio
- holds up to around 100 songs
- can be bought at BestBuy or similar
- can make my own playlist and have the songs in the order i want them in
- PC compatible
- flash-memory

Just lemme know. thanks in advance.
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  1. most flash mp3 players fit that description. I know that sony has a really good one for arround 130$ ('walkman bean' i think). and of course theres the shuffle if you'r willing to use itunes and dont want a screen.

    its all up to you. and unless you plan on swimming with it. most flash based mp3 players will withstand the dampness that can be caused by snowboarding. and unless you fall on a rock, most flash mp3 players wont break.
  2. How about the Creative Zen Nano Plus! :P
  3. The sansa m series last forever and are very water resistent. I dropped mine in a pool once and after it dried it worked fine. Its three years old and still going
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