Acer Aspire One problems.

My Acer Aspire One NAV50, doesn't like being turned on and will most of the time refuse to start even when pressing F8.
Sometimes it will turn it's self off, if it is unused for 5 minutes.
I have tried another 1G RAM and it won't turn on and I took it to someone and they said it was either... the RAM, harddrive (250GB) or possibly the motherboard.
I am on it at the moment and it seem's fine, it has been rather tempremental, but should I turn it off it may not turn on until 20+ attempts, to turn it off I will have to take the battery out, to try to restart it.
The fan starts and it sounds like it is doing something but the screen will stay blank, have tried pressing F2, have done a BIOS update. I have windows 7 starter
Could anyone shine any light on why this does this...
Many thanks
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  1. Try running with just the new stick of RAM to eliminate that.
  2. Hmm. Only one DIMM slot, so that won't work... It's a hardware problem, and not easy to diagnose. May well be the Motherboard. The only other easily replaceable part is the HDD, commonly available on Ebay (2.5" SATA), might be worth a try.
    And a Motherboard available for £63 if you have a teccy Dad/Brother/pal to fit it.
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