i want a LCD monitor but i smoke..

Does anyone here use a good screen/dust protector they can recommend enough that i wont feel stupid 6 months down the line when the nicotine stains start to show up?Yes ive googled a few times but i dont see anything that sticks out.

some no name stuff

exspensive as hell and wont help with nicotine stains that build up on it instead of monitor

Please link any LCD dust covers you know of.I wanna sink about 600 bucks on a good 19" lcd for gameing but well i smoke.
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  1. Do what I did, buy an expensive monitor then ban youself from smoking in the same room. I now go outside to smoke, discourages me from smoking, room doesn't stink of smoke and monitor is like new.

    I realise this is not what you were asking but it worked for me, it also wasn't just the monitor what worried me, the state of the inside of my computer made me change my habits.
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