Windows 7 just hangs on install (brand new pc )

I really need help ive been at this for a week I'm totals stumped

I haven a brand new pc with intel 8 core i7 and 16 gb ram and a asus p8z77-LX motherboard

So I go and buy all this and I then go to install windows 7 ultimate and then nope it just hangs on starting windows ahh I can't find anything that works in the forums and ite not the PSU. Please help me I've spent a lot of money and time on this
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  1. List all in your machine, inc. GPU if you fitted one, HDD etc. Where did you obtain Windows Installation disk?
  2. Please give a bit more detail as to when it hanges. How far do you get? Does the computer post and then start the install. Does th install get to the part where it asks you what hdd to use?
  3. For more detail I insert the windows cd and then it loads windows files and then goes to starting windows then I see the four little balls that create the windows logo it freezes then blue screens and shuts down no it dose not get to the part where it asks me which hdd to use
  4. Because it blue screens and this is a new build my guess is an issue with ram settings.

    I would download the MS mem test iso, Burn it as an iso to make a bootable cd and run that. It should take a few minutes to test the ram.

    If the mem test does report errors you can try to manually set the ram settings in the bios to the spec from the ram manufacturer.

    This is a good guide to walk through checking your system for build mistakes.
  5. Either a hardware conflict or bad Installation disk. Are you using onboard graphics or a separate gpu? Did you alter any settings in BIOS for the HDD? What BIOS number? (Latest is P8Z77-V LX BIOS 1106)
    Check your SATA connections in case they're loose. If you have an older OS installation disk,Vista? try that to see if it progresses. Consider downloading a Windows 7 ISO and creating another install disk if no hardware prob is obvious.
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