New LCD recommendations?

Basically just want an LCD that's:
-no more than $380 (not including tax/etc)
-excellent for gaming [great blacks/greys/etc] (FarCry,BF2,COD2,etc)
-excellent for DVD's
- can be bought at BestBuy, CompUSA, Fry's, or another popular retail store (not online, want to see if there are any dead-pixels first before i spend my money).

So far, looked and found:
1.) Hyundai L90D+
2.) Samsung 915N
3.) Dell Ultrasharp 1905FP

Lemme know what your recommendations are ASAP (hopin to get within next week or so)...Thanks in advance -peace
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  1. I got Dell 2405FPW and love it. I believe the 1905 to be good also, and can get real bargains on it, I got my 2405 for 899, could of gotten it for 60 cheaper a month earlier, oh well...
  2. Did u get yours through an online site or in-person at a store? The reason i ask is because it seems to be cheaper to get online, yet, i'm worried about the whole dead-pixel thing... I'm anxious as hell to get one, but at the same time i'm worried about getting it from or similar... I'm assuming at a store you can plug in and view the screen before you buy (?) What do you think about the whole dead-pixel thing? By the way, this is my first LCD, and i want it to last... Lemme know, thanks for recommendation! (1905FP is close to 2005FPW in price... kind of expensive). -Peace
  3. I bought my 2450FPW direct from Dell, 3yr warranty and zero dead pixels. DHuckle and Ned Flanders are a couple of others who post here who also recently got one also, and no dead pixels with theirs either...
  4. interesting, sounds good. I'm still weary about LCD's. I want a monitor that's:
    - awesome for high-end gaming
    - awesome for DVD playing
    - great for regular use

    What's the recommended response time for my usage?
    - 8ms
    - 12ms
    - 16ms
    - 20ms

    Heard 8ms is mostly for gaming and horrible for DVD's. I don't care what the size, want to spend no more than $350 on this (lowered the price).

    (1905FP has 20ms, kinda sketchy)
    (L90D+ lots of problems)

    New list:
    - Samsung 915N
    - Dell Ultrasharp 1704FPV
    - BenQFP71G+
    - BenQFP91G+
    - Samsung 710N

    Lemme know ASAP, thanks again, thanks in advance! -peace
  5. Response times dont convey the information you would wish. Read any review from extremetech or tomshardware and a common theme is how innaccurately/seletively skewed reponse times are reported. I remember reading a good article on this site a few months ago. I think you could find a list of good LCD's in this site
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