All in one update disc??

anyway i can pre-download all the current windows updates for installations. I am building computers for people a lot more than i expected and living in the country my DL speeds aren't great so I figure if i can create a disc that has all the updates or even just have them on a flash drive that could save me SOO much time.

If there's a way to do this please link the sites to download or instructions :)
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  1. Here you go -->

    Instructions -->

    Might not have the most up to date updates. But this will still save you a bunch of time and has all the updates up to the release of the SP1.
  2. go to windows update and download the updates you need,but instead of letting windows install the updates save them to your hard drive somewhere and then burn them to a dvd......
  3. the best way i can figure to do this is to find out which of the updates are the largest and then download them directly from the microsoft website, that way you can save them to your hard drive (unfortunately this isnt an option when downloading them through windows update) and burn them to a disc. doing this with the service packs definitely has saved me a ton of time when im rebuilding systems at work.
  4. yes there is an awsome tool that every it guy/gal should have called autopatcher, you can download and streamline new updates in the future too.
  5. I'd like to mention too that once you get the SP1 update you can slip stream it into a windows install using rt7lite.
  6. I've had great success with
    - Update Microsoft Windows and Office without an Internet connection. It allows you to download updates and make an iso or just save on a usb. It's easy to add current updates and make a new iso or update the usb. Some of the documentation is in German but it's not too hard to figure out.
  7. thanks for the help all easily saved me 2+ hours per build :D
  8. Hi :)

    Umm be a little careful about updates and windows activation, particularly in Vista and XP...

    Sometimes you will find that OEM keys ONLY activate on certain service packs...NOT when fully updated...

    All the best Brett :)
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