ASUS' N61JQ or G71GX?

I want this Laptop for gaming.

I'm deciding between these two. Obviously, one has something the other doesn't.

For instance the

Cpu: N61JQ (i7 720 = Quad 1.6Ghz with Turbo Boost = 2.8Ghz) Obviously better processor
G71GX (P8700 = Duo 2.52Ghz)

Gpu: N61JQ (ATI 5730)
G71GX (Nvidia GTX260M) The better Video Card, unless I'm wrong?

It's basically a trade off, do I go for the Cpu or Gpu?

Here are the links to both.

G71GX [...] -_-Product


N61JQ [...] cture=ASUS
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  1. In gaming,G71GX blows away the N61JQ because of having a far superior VGA
  2. Idk, 8.8 lbs. Looks akward and the marks on notebook check look simular. Check this laptop out at bestbuy, or another store. Some may like it, some will hate it!
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