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I posted a separate thread about my son's laptop (hard drive problem). The hard drive (with Vista in it) is not working, and is permanently damaged (we tried to extract the data by putting the hd into an external enclosure, but while other hd's work in this enclosure, this hd does not respond at all, so it's in the trash now). My question is, if I buy a brand new hard drive and buy a fresh Windows 7 disk, would the machine take Win7? If yes, which version (upgrade, full version, etc.) of Win7 should I get?

Here are the specs of the laptop:
- Toshiba Satellite A305-S6916
- 4GB RAM (DDR2, I think)
- Vista
- No hard drive at this point, it came with a 320gig hd

Truly appreciate your help.

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  1. < 32 bit OEM and non transferable to another computer < 64 OEM bit < will be for that computer only non transferable 32 or 64 bit to upgrade your laptop 32 or 64 bit can be used on one computer at a time but is transferable

    32 bit os can use about 3.25 gigs of ram
    64 bit home premium can use all 4 gigs of ram you have and more if your ram is upgradeable.
  2. Area51reopen-

    You guys are simply awesome! Thanks for your prompt responses, will try them.

  3. Your welcome keep us posted!!!!!!!!
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