Inspiron 5150 Charging Problems

Hi Guys, I've got a Dell Inspiron 5150 that had a dodgy power socket so the battery wasn't being charged. I've tried to replace the socket but I think I messed it up somewhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there anyway to charge the battery without plugging it or the AC adapter into the laptop by using the connector on the battery.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. just change your socket
  2. There is no way to charge your lappy other than plugging it in an AC adapter.

    What is messed up of the socket?
  3. I have an Inspiron e1705 and I may have your same issue but I am sure it is not my socket. I have a Genuine Dell battery that has about 3/4 battery life so I bought a generic battery. When I snap the new battery in it will not charge. I cant get it to charge when the PC is powered off and plugged into AC adapter. PC runs fine on AC alone and will charge my Genuine Dell battery every time on AC while PC is off. But if I go into power settings and fiddle (sleep off and screen level adjust) suddenly the generic battery begins a perfect charge (a percent ever 2 minutes or so) and the generic will charge fully. Also the generic battery never even begins to get warm. Has Dell included something to prevent use of non-Dell batteries within their charging system? If this is the case should I post a new thread? Could this be your issue? Is your battery a Genuine Dell?
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