Can i buy a used phone and have verizon connect it for me?

I'm thinking about buying a used lg dare(which verizon carries)from a friend of a frtend and was wondering if I do buy it do I just go to verizon to get my current phone # programmed into it... how does that work? I recently activated my old account(phone) because i ruined my newer phone(i'm an idiot that didn't get the insurance for it) and didn't want to buy a new one at $150! guidence please!! thanks!
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  1. If the phone was supplied cheap by a provider it may be locked to that provider -- there are lots of unlocking services on the internet and some at retail stores.
  2. Thanks fihart! Yes i checked, the current owner(private owner) said it is a verizon phone so when I do get it in the mail how do I make it mine sort of speak? Do I take it to a verizon service center and have them just add the phone with same # to my existing account i have through them, will they give me crap for not buying it from them etc.? Sorry if these questions seem so elementary but I've never bought a "used" phone from someone I've just always upgraded through verizon. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
  3. I'm assuming you are already a Verizon customer.

    If it's a current Verizon model it should work with your existing number as soon as you swap the SIM in from your existing Verizon phone. Remember to save your contacts list from the old phone to the SIM first.

    I would take the phone to Verizon (or ring their customer line) and they will assist with swapping the SIM and may download an upgrade (I think it's that) that takes account of the fact that you are using a different phone.
  4. Yes I am a current verizon customer... I'll take your advice and probably call customer service, don't really have time to wait around at the verizon service center. Thanks for all your help fihart, this website should prove helpful in the future. it's just what the docter ordered for tech challenged folk like me!
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