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Hey Everyone,

I hope someone here can help me make a decision. I am going to buy a new laptop and am having trouble deciding. I am looking at either an ASUS G Series ( or a Cyberpower ( Both are high on the list, but I would like some other opinions...or a recommendation for something along these lines and price. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    well between those definitely go for the CYBER POWER because it has more RAM
  2. Thanks for the reply Maziar. I am not too concerned about the initial RAM as I can easily buy and install more. That aside, which do you prefer? Or, if neither, do you have a recommendation?

  3. looks @ SAGER notebooks too because it has good laptops too, and also look @ Dell XPS M1530
  4. Actually, out of the first two, I would have selected the Asus because of the 7200 RPM hard drive, which would provide a more noticeable performance boost than going from 2 gigs of RAM to 4 gigs. Either one is upgradeable though, but RAM's cheaper.
  5. ^What he said and the Asus also has a WUXGA resolution versus the Cyberpower's WSXGA (1920x1200 vs 1680x1060).
  6. Thank you Maziar, theworminator and lostandwandering for your input. I think I will be going with the ASUS model.
  7. No problem mate :) good luck
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