How much would you pay for a used compaq presario 2140us

please help me out and give a good price that you would pay for a used compaq presario 2140us.

i am looking to get a used laptop from craigslist and don't know if i am over paying.

i would like to know what you would pay for a used compaq presario 2140us, the battery on the laptop holds about 2 hours.

i am offering person 300 and was wondering if the price should be lower or am i gettin a good deal for a used laptop compaq presario 2140us.

here is a site with the specs

also if you know of any laptop that i can get for that price /new let me know.

please offer me your opinion , it will make my decision easy and make me feel better about buyin the laptop.
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  1. come on. one can help me out with a opinion
  2. Not too much, a few hundred at most. Maybe 200-300 or so. The technology is outdated, it's not widescreen, and the resolution isn't that great. This is my personal opinion though, I'm used to a high powered laptop, hahah. What would you be using it for?
  3. thanks for your opinion alot.
    well now the person wants 220 for it.

    i will be using it for surfing the internet, watch videos, download mp3s and iwould like to play games but that wont happen.
    the person said that he plays world of warcraft on it.
    i dont know that game but does it have alot of graphics.

    also what do u think about the speed for that laptop for 220.
    do u think it is goin to run smooth or a bit a laggy?

    do u think mhz is very slow?

    please help me.
    dont know if i should get it.

  4. World of Warcraft isn't very intensive on graphics, so you should be able to run it, though games like that are based more on RAM and CPU than the video card. I think you'd be able to play it though, but not necessarily on max settings.

    As for speed, it'll be decent. Don't expect a cheetah on crack, but as long as it's a clean install of Windows XP, it should run alright, and without an excessive amount of lag (a bit is normal). Ask the seller if the operating system is the same one he/she's been using for years, or if they reinstalled it.

    I think you should get it, mostly for 220 dollars, because you're only looking for something to surf the internet and watch videos on. It's pretty cheap. If you're going for the lowest price on a laptop possible, I'd definitely choose that. If you shell out a few hundred more, you can get a new one, but I don't know if you're willing to do that.
  5. thanks whole alot for answering.
    alot poeple read this but didn't give no opinion.

    yes i can spend a couple hundreds but is it worth me spending?

    lets say i was goin to spend 600.
    i am goin to get awhole lot of laptop for that extra money.
    i been thinkin and in my opinion i think that extra 400 iam not goin to get not much more then if i paid 220.
    what will make it get thats goin to be a big differance for that extra momey

    what do u think?

    thanks to all that help me out
  6. Well, basing off the Dell Vostro 1500, for 600 dollars you can get a more powerful Core 2 Duo T5270, along with 2 gigs of RAMand a 250 gigabyte hard drive. The graphics are about the same though. You'll get a significant speed boost, along with a much more space to store videos and mp3s. I think the compaq only has 40 gigabytes of memory and 512 megabytes of a slower RAM.

    It's really your choice. For the usages you listed (word processing, video, mp3), the used laptop should be fine. If you want some extra power and speed, you can spend the extra few hundred, but you don't need to.
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