Is this computer good for Playing BF2, HL2, and FEAR?

I just want to game on this computer and i though i mught be able to save money buy buying from a store. I want to be able to have the graphics high, but i might be able to give a little bit on FEAR or games really high like that. I might also plan on buying a different case and installing it into that becasue i dont like the case that much. So is it good?
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  1. wait i just realized that the memory is SHARED! I dont want that do it? Isnt it bad not to just have dedicated memory?
  2. NO not the way its right now

    You will need a video card.
    Xpress 200 is not on the hardware support list for BF2.
    HL2 should play maybee not well.
    Fear I dont know.
    First integrated video will never offer High setting for video games.
    Second you talk about switching cases, HP designes there CD and DVD drives a little smaller for there shelf computers so new ones might be required for new case. Same goes for power supply mounting hole will probably not line up and you would also lose the memory card reader.
  3. Yeah i dont want to get that anymore. Thanks anyway. :)
  4. Hey, I got a retail HP, which I did not intend for gaming... but now I do.

    Question: Can I plug in an nVidia, ATI etc. in even if it has integrated graphics (intel)?

    FEAR definitely won't play. Call of Duty demo plays fine on it.
  5. it all depends on what kind of expansion slots you have in your computer, but yes all you have to do is uninstall the Intel graphics and then shut off your computer install the new video card in the appropriate slot and then start your computer and install the drivers for the new video card.
  6. That's my current dilemma too.

    There are a lot of great deals on HP PCs right now, like a 6300 Core 2, 2GB Ram with an open PCI-E but the problem is the PSU. I think most HP PC's come with only a 300W PSU.

    Has anyone here bought an HP PC recently? Like an M7760 or m7750 maybe? or an a1740? What PSU came with it?

    Also do all HP PC's have a proprietary PSU? It is my understanding that these are smaller than regular PSU's and are therefore unupgradeable? Is this true?
  7. My work has bought over 10 HP's in the past two years, and they are good working computers for the money. Any (atx) power supply will fit in the case. The main problem you will face is that HP cases are micro-atx. meaning the smaller then other cases. And if you do get a larger PS try not to get one thats to long or else it will give you no room to work. So if you do upgraded i would shoot for getting a modular power supply.

    And also its mostly what type of parts are in the computer will determine how big the PS is. If you go with a more powerfull computer (EX. core 2 duo, 2 gigs DDR2.) it will have out a 450 watt PS. But i would always check to make sure.
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