Motherboard wont boot windows 7

Motherboard: 680i SLI

I just got this motherboard, and when I try to load windows, it starts up, goes to the splash screen where the windows logo flies up, then it BSOD's and restarts.
When I try and stick a disc in and load windows to re-install, it wont load the disc, it loads all the files, then unexcpected error 0ex0000255.

I move the harddrive to another computer with another motherboard, windows boots up fine.

The motherboard in question has not had a bios update, and the current bios runs fine.


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  1. Can anyone help? Still havent had any luck.. :/
  2. So you replaced your motherboard and are using the HDD with a previous Windows 7 installation? Is the motherboard identical to the old board? If not, your BSOD in not unexpected, depending on how different the chipset is from the old board.

    In the bios, is the SATA mode the same as what was used before, IDE or AHCI? This too would give a BSOD reliably.
  4. I only have one harddrive,

    I went from a G31 chipset (previous mobo) to an nforce 680i motherboard,

    This does not explain the fact that the DVD won't load :/

    SATA is config'ed correctly.
  5. check in the bios that you have the ram speed set right. you may have to bump the ram voltage a bit. if the mb has oneboard video try running with the onboard video. error sounds like bad dimm or bad power issues that damaging windows files on install.
  6. The computer could not read the format that the OS was in, so I re-installed windows, lets cross our fingers, its been booting up fine so far, setting a new user and passoword and such :D
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