Trojan Threat

Created the USB version of the Kaspersky Rescue Disc as per their guidance. Please know that I am NOT looking for recommendations for other products.

As per the instructions, a 1.7Mb ISO file was created and the ISO to USB. The affected machine was set to boot to USB. The outcome is shown in the image.

Not sure if there is an issue with the ISO file or the boot mechanism. Looking to connect to someone who has actually created a kaspersky rescue disc.
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  1. where's the image?

    ...and you did use the ISO to create the files on the USB stick, yes? You didn't just copy the ISO to the usb stick...?
  2. No image seen??
  3. Does your computer support booting from a USB device? If not, Kaspersky Rescue Disc runs great from a CD, assuming you have an optical drive.
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