Anandtech reviews XPS M1730 with 8800GTX in SLI!

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  1. Nice numbers. Now if only we could get them to review the Clevo 901c for comparison.

    That thing is still as ugly as sin.
  2. It's a really powerful computer, I must admit, but like Lostandwandering, I think it's ridiculously boxy and garish. Plus the battery life is so low it's amusing now. 56 minutes of light load?

    It's something Dell can show off, but in terms of practicality, it's a desktop that happens to have the monitor and keyboard built in. Good for LAN parties though, like all DTR computers.
  3. Thats an awesome laptop, its easily the fastest in the world period
    it even beats SAGER NP9262 because u can OC its CPU to 3.4 which performs better than E6850 and beats Q6700 in most cases
    but its very expensive

    Crysis @ high with 1920x1200 resolution = 29 FPS which is very acceptable
  4. There's no doubt that it's ridiculously powerful for a laptop. I was just looking for a direct comparison since it would actually apply in this case.

    But yeah 56 minutes is a joke. Not good when you can't even watch a full length movie on it. (If I stretch mine, I can do it).
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