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My old computer I know had a partition with some bootable software where you could boot into it and it would then copy Windows back from a restore if you had a problem

It was called like PCAngel or something I can't remember the exact name and can't find it

But I'm looking for a bootable sort of software that I can store on the last partition of my HDD on my laptop and have an additional partition for storing system images.

Like on the backup and restore thing on W7 you can make a"system repair disc", is there a way to make a restore disc but instead store it on a bootable partition?

Basically I want to just store a system image on a seperate partition and leave it alone then some way on the computer to also be able to overwrite my old windows OS with this new clean system image whenever I want, without external discs or anything

Is there a way to do this? I want it to work even if my disk drive and USB ports stop working, that's the important part
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  1. it now called nortons ghost and other like pc drive clone. most drive recovery software shows you how to make a bootable cd or usb stick. when the drive is empty it easer to make. most time people make two partions a c and a d partion. the d partion they rename it as a restore. some people or vendor hide that partion. when you set the drive up you havr to make sure your restore partion is large to handle image of windows and your aps. or a drive with data your going to have to resize the partions with a third party app first and hope you dont lose any data.
  2. I just reinstalled everything, reformatted the entire hard drive and everything then reinstalled W7

    Current partition setup:

    1gb System Reserved for boot files (fat32)
    8gb SWAP (fat32)
    288gb W7 OS partition (nfts)

    Planning to add two small partitions at the end of the current OS one, one for the recovery software and one for my system image

    Would that work with nortons ghost?

    The thing is though I don't want a bootable CD or flash drive, I want it to be 100% self contained within the HDD

    I can use the disc drive and USB ports right now for installation and such but I fear they may stop working in the near future due to the condition of my laptop, so I want to be able to boot into the restore software the same way you'd boot into a second ubuntu partition or something, then in that software choose the files on my ISO image partition to restore back onto C:\

    Would that work

    What I need can't require a CD or USB when restoring
  3. that i could not tell you. most new pc that built into the flash rom of the bios. where people can hit an f key and it loads the factory image from the hidden partion back onto the normal one.
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