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I picked up a Toshiba laptop about a year ago. It has a modular PCIe GeForce 7600 128MB video card in it. It's the canadian model of the machine but the parts and part numbers match exactly the A100-979. I've seen some A100s with 7800s in them but haven't been able to get my mitts on one. Does anyone know which model video cards are compatible with this rig?
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  1. Most laptops do not have options for upgrading/switching vga, since most of them are on board. Well, I'm aware that some do have the option, like some SONY machines.

    The best way for you is calling their customer care and ask about it. I do believe that Toshiba and most laptop manufacturers have a good customer care service that can give answers :)
  2. I've tried that but since I'm in Canada, I can't get to anyone for US model support to find out about the parts list.
  3. What's really weird is that Toshiba does not appear to use a standard MXM slot. They seem to have made their own modular system. That being said, you will most likely need to buy a card that's from another Toshiba laptop. Because of that, I have no clue what you will be able to put into your system.

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  4. Odd, because to my knowledge, the Geforce Go 7600 is actually a chip on the motherboard itself. I asked K|N's owner about it, when I wanted to see if I could upgrade a laptop before purchase, and he mentioned that it was a soldered on chip, not a discrete card.
  5. Yeah in Toshiba's case it's not a standard MXM design which is why I want to order one through an ASP, but the problem crops up in that the ones I can deal with only deal with Canadian models (which is fine) but for some stupid reason, the look-up part comparison tool seems to be for US models only.

    It isn't an onboard model in this system. There are some models that feature the onboard 7600 but they use the nForce chipset which mine doesn't.
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