How to copy files into Windows 7 user account folders

As much as I hate it I'm contemplating leaving XP behind. I still prefer XP but ..

Anyway the one BIG issue for me is my seeming inability to copy/modify files in user account folders ..places where I want to keep my many many years of archived emails, etc. This whole encryption thing for user settings really annoys me. Am I wrong on this?

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  1. You mean copy files from User A to user B? You just to to C:\Users and select user and edit, movie, or copy whatever you want.
  2. I can take application folders,etc and copy them from an XP install to a Win 7 user account? I had tried that during the Win 7 beta process and couldn't do it then. Are you sure about that?
  3. Wait so the files are encrypted through the filesystem? (The filename should show up green in Explorer if it is)
  4. Well these folders don't show in green in Explorer, but they are inaccessible.
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