New battery odd problem

I dropped my HP Mini 210-1032CL.
The battery popped half out and was locked in on one side. I had to force it back in to unlock it.
In the process it scraped the plastic off two of the plastic covered brass fittings/prongs on the battery that mesh between their uncoated/bare brass counterparts in the netbook.

My question is: is it possible to still use it?
Obviously the electricity flowed through the battery's plastic covered prongs and into the bare-brass ones in the netbook.
But would a bare-brass-to-bare-brass connection damage the netbook? I expect that if they're perfectly aligned they won't touch, but I worry.

Right now, the $167 or whatever for a new one from HP is not do-able. Not for a while.
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  1. I'm sure that you have probably tried using it by now with success or none. However, just keep an eye on it, as you cannot be too careful with batteries and their potential shock you, etc...
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