Which one is better?

I've been searching for laptops that will fulfill my gaming necessities in a range of prices and technology offered
The two models would the the next ones:

Core 2 Duo E6600 2x 2.40GHz • 2048MB (2x 1024MB) • 250GB • DVD+/-RW DL • NVidia GeForce 8600M GT 512MB max.1280MB shared memory • 3x USB 2.0/FireWire/Modem/Gb LAN/WLAN 802.11abgn/Bluetooth/eSATA • HDMI • ExpressCard Slot • 8in1 Card Reader (SD/miniSD/MMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo/xD) • FingerPrint Reader • Webcam (2.0 Megapixel) • 15.4" WSXGA+ glare TFT (1680x1050) • Windows Vista Home Premium • Li-Ionen-Akku (6 Cells)

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T8300 (2.40 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 3 MB L2 cache)
Windows Vista® Home Premium original (32 bits) 2.0 megapixel cam,TFT WXGA+ 15,4" (1440 x 900) TrueLife™ ram DDR2 4096 MB 667 MHz [2x2048] SATA 320 GB (5.400 rpm) Go 8600M GT 256 MB DDR3
9 cell batery(85 WHr) *
(*similar accesories as the ASUS one)

Having read reviews the ASUS is the one with a desktop processor, better graphics card but DDR2 instead of DDR3. Have also read that the XPS can handle crysis with 30-40 fps in mid/high settings, whereas the ASUS doesn't seem to do so well with gaming due to the overheat (even when being such a powerful laptop). My main question comes when what is better, a mobile processor or a desktop processor? Both are at 2.40 GHz, the ASUS one can be overclocked, though.

Then the differences in between processors are stated in the next two links:
E6600: http://processorfinder.intel.com/Details.aspx?sSpec=SL9S8 65nm

T8300: http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLAPA 45nm

After giving this information, for the ASUS being part of an offer a cooler notebook system comes with the laptop. Using that the system should be able to run better. Also this ASUS laptop is upgradeable (the system comes with almost the best performance settings, so basically not looking forward to do that)

All in all, what laptop do you think is worth buying? What is better, the mobile chip or the desktop one? Prices are on both similar (around 1000-1100 €)

ps. Looking also for a nice response with Crysis or COD 4 or similar. For the 4048 Mb ram a 64-bit vista or xp would be installed.
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  1. E6600 is better because its a desktop CPU and has a different architecture

    but the second one has better power savings and also has more RAM + More hDD so i say go for the second one

    8600GT is good for COD4 and will handle Crysis well, but dont expect to run Crysis with every thing @ high
  2. Thnks for the opinion, wouldn't mind other opinions from other people though...

    Also forgot to point out that the 2048 ram from the Asus is 800 MHz not 667 as the Dell.

    Oh and never pretended to run it at high, just with acceptable fps, plus with the C90s i haven't read about its performance with Crysis...
  3. I think it depends on your needs. If you need to have the ability to take the machine place to place and use it away from a wall socket, you should steer away from the E6600. It uses a fair bit more power (65watts) than the E8300 (35watts). The smaller manufacturing process will also produce less heat.

    @Maziar: if you use the two CPU charts from Tom's, the T7700 actually performs very similarly to the E6600. I know the OP is looking at the T8300, but the T7700 was also clocked at 2.4ghz and should be a fair comparison. The T8300 should actually be better than the 7700.

    edit: I guess my choice would be for the Dell.
  4. Thnks for the reply, always good to have opinions to contrast....

    By the way, i've checked the differences in between the T7700 u mentioned, (lostandwandering) and the T8300 They differ in the manufacturing technology, being for the 7700 65nm + 4MB l2 cache, and 45 nm + 3 MB l2 cache. Therefore one being better than the other is not quite obvious for me...

    Well thnks for the help and will keep in touch for further opinions.
  5. I was just using the T7700 as a comparison since the Tom's charts haven't been updated for the T8000 and 9000 CPU's. The T8300 is of the new Penryn lineup which is better than the Meroms (T7 series). I would still get the T8300 in the Dell IMO since it will be much better on battery life and heat.
  6. **NOTE: I have read in the forums and have heard from other people that Dell's laptops (which had really nice Pcs till the new president came) are bad, so another question would be -WITHOUT changing the main subject- which Pc companies are good and offer nice laptops (such as ASUS, or others...)?
    Only to make some research on other models that might change my idea on buying one of this ASUS C90S / DELL XPS 1530
  7. It's all about personal opinion. My Dad and brother both use Dell laptops, an Inspiron 6000 and 9300 respectively, and they love them. Other people can't stand Dell. The best idea for you is to look at reviews of systems that meet your specifications.

    Here is a review of the Dell:

    Here is a user review of the C90:

    In my opinion Dell, HP, Sager/Clevo and Asus make quality units. Acer and Toshiba are ok, but they use a lot of flimsy plastic in the case design .
  8. And about another alternative to those two that anyone might know?
  9. as logan said, Sager makes good laptops too take a look @ them @ here :
  10. Not really, laptops
  11. Well already decided myself and bought the XPS.
    I'm kind of worried as it didn't specify if finally the 8600 Gt is going to be DDR3 or DDR2. Hope it's DDR3! I talked with some people from dell and first the said it was DDR3 other day DDR2, damn man they could specify it better. Well they say estimated time 14/04 that's one month!! Damn it I need it for work... Anyways will let you know how it turns out when I receive it
  12. I'm pretty sure all of the 256mb ones were DDR3 and the opposite for the 512mb ones. That just seems to be the general trend I've seen with the cards.
  13. I hope you're right, well I've also seen loads of people receive it with ddr3. Also one important note is that if u visit Nvidia official site, you can check that the 8600Gt comes only with DDR3 now, the 8500Gt is the one with DDr2
    Oh and the model came something like "Graphics Card 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600M GT" So I wonder what the Go thingy means...
  14. Go was the old term they used to define the card as a mobile version......which is now what the M is for. Not sure why they use both, but there shouldn't be any significance in it.
  15. Announcing that got news from Dell and instead of waiting a whole month for it I'll be getting it on the 26th March!
    It is quite good to know that it took for em half the time they said, (even if I think they always say more than they expect so that if they're late they already warned you...).
    Well last thing to hope is that it comes in good shape, nothing broken, and with the DDR3 graphics card... Also if northing's missing would be great, that way I don't have to be waiting more time for them to fix it...

    Well will tell you in a few days if it works good and I might also add some pictures of it, (if anyone interested, though).
  16. Wooo pictures. I love pictures! :D
  17. Good luck!
    i have got a xps 1530 1 month ago
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