Can I go from 32bit vista home to 64bit 7 ultimate

Can I go from 32bit vista home to 64bit 7 ultimate.

I'm planning to do a format and clean install just not sure if this will work.
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  1. If you have 64 bit supporting CPU. You can Go.

    But you have to do a clean install
    (Boot from Windows 7 DVD,Format C: drive, New install of Windows 7)

    More details about your system configuration will help us to guide you!

    Check for latest version of windows 7 device drivers for your hardwares.
  2. You might want to download and run the windows-7 upgrade advisor to identify any issues.

    In general, only old 16 bit programs will not run on a 64 bit OS.

    Do you really need ultimate? There are very few facilities that a home user would want, compared to home premium.
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