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IOS told me NO activation charges when I reupped my contract then NAILED me with a TV avtivation 50 bucks, a internet activation 50 bucks and to reinstall all 4 of my outlets 20 bucks each (THEY WHERE ALREADY THERE AND BOXES HOOKED UP) OH and wait 22 bucks to change my phone #, HELLO its the same phone number. The thing that really gets to ya is that they told me when I renewed the account that there would be NO ACTIVATION CHARGES, I specificatly asked this questions. WHATCH OUT!!! I am back to cable Oh and another cell phone carrier too
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  1. Don't know why you'd accept those fees, especially for setup of stuff that was already there. They probably messed up the files and ended up setting you up as a new customer. How can you have an activation charge for an existing account? Did you go though their customer support?
  2. The deal was I told them to turn off my service was going to cable for a free DVR. They told me I could only get one as a new customer so I was leaving then when I was leaving they said wait we can do it we have to do a disconnect and reconnect,just a formality here then we will be able to give you the new customer promo of free DVR for life, Then I asked oh the catch is I get hit with installation and activation fees. He said NO and I confirmed this with him 3 time No fees at all then I got my bill and all charges and fees where there AND THEN they told me to get the free DVR you have to be disconnected for 6 months so now you have to pay all the charges and still pay for the DVR. I even spoke to 3 so called supervisors and one even chuckled and said well you did it now PAY. No one hear would give you that deal.Thats a buch of BS. THen why was I the 3rd diconnect reconnect that week for the installer and it was only tuesday. They are flat out liers.
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