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I have a Sony TR3A that has a malfunctioning cooling fan which I want to replace along with trying to install a larger hard drive. I've removed all the screws that I could find, yet something seems to be still holding part of it together which prevents me from accessing the insides. I don't want to force anything. Has anybody taken one apart before?
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  1. With laptop (any brand) I always bring it to their service center. Except if the laptop is >>> 6 years old. It worth the $$$, less headache and reliable result :)
  2. Thank you, but if I wanted to pay the big bucks I would do that and I would not be on this forum asking how to open it. I have worked on computers many times before, though not much on laptops, and I am simply asking how to get this thing open without damaging it.
  3. I understand, sorry I couldn't help. I'm just sharing my own experience. I have been working on computers for years, and in my experience for laptop I prefer to send it to their service center. IMO the time wasted and the trouble that might come (losing warranty etc) is not worth the $$$. In your problem I bet you won't pay that much.

    Personally I don't have experience in opening any SONY laptop, so I couldn't help your case. Perhaps somebody else does.
  4. I need specifics at this point as I have all the screws out at this time and something is still holding it together. A generic video would not apply as there are so many different laptops out there.
  5. Check for keyboard clips that you have to gently pop up with a screwdriver. On the top of the keyboard there sould be two little places to insert a screwdriver.
  6. Don't forget to unscrew the two screws underneathe the two rubber things or sockets under the TR3A with arrows pointing at it, and there was also one last screw that i almost didn't see... and it was the screw on top of where the fan is located, with mine, it was hiding underneathe, what i believed it to be a tamper seal sticker. mine was the color of silver grey like the laptop, it was like hard to see for me.

    I am also trying to replace the Hard Drive with a much bigger hard drive most preferrably 100 gb and above, but i don't know which Toshiba Hard Drive fits the TR3A the size of 1.8... there were 60's 80's 100's and 120's i've found online and even a 160 somewhere. But do they work if i put those later model Toshiba 1.8 inch HDD if i install them, cuz the specs a a bit different.

    I probably have to replace the Fan soon as well. Where do you get your parts for the TR3A?
  7. HP releases manuals on disassembling their laptops, does sony do the same?

    All laptop chassis are pretty much unique.

    Could you post a few pictures of the machine? looking at it can help see where the seams are.

    Also, don't be afraid to put some pressure on it. I've taken apart tons of notebooks, all different. If you don't apply pressure, you can't get it apart - that's the way it's built.
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