Can I play 2.0ghz game on 1.67ghz core 2 duo?...

I'm pretty new to laptops, I'm thinking of buying a new Hp laptop and i'd like to play some of my old games on it.

Q. Would I be able to play a game which requires 2.0ghz of
processor speed minimum if the laptop's processor speed is 1.67ghz
per core?'s an Intel core two duo and I don't know whethr the
game needs 2.0ghz per core minimum or if you can multiply 1.67
times 2....

Any help will be much appreciated, (sorry for the noobiness)
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  1. What game is it? Most newer games will give system requirements for both single core and dual core processors now.
  2. Plus, a lot of games aren't limited solely by the processor. A high requirement for the processor usually corresponds with a need for a higher end graphics card. If you don't have that, then there's no chance that your computer will be able to play it properly.

    And either way, you can't just multiply 1.67 by 2 to come out with your new "dual core" speed, it just doesn't work like that. If the game is old enough, and it's saying it needs 2.0 Ghz on a Pentium 4 cpu, then your new Core 2 Duo will be fine handling it. Trying not to get into details, Core 2 Duo just outperforms the Pentium 4 if they have the same Ghz rating.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help...yeah it does say it's for pentium 4 just something i wanted to be sure of before i buy.
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