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Just got my first 19" LCD

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
January 12, 2006 4:57:07 AM

Just found a deal on this... Went and found a Samsung 930B monitor on clearance for $359 (still a little high) and I had an add from CompUSA for the same monitor for $329. They originally told me they wouldn't price match (We live about 50 miles from anything "good"). But after I explained I'd rather do my business locally than have to drive an hour, they changed their tune. But it get's better...

They went in and checked the stock, but the only one left was the display. Mind you it's been out for a while, they said about 4 months. So I haggled with 'em and got 'em to go down to $300 w/ a free DVI cable ($70).

I'm happy!

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January 12, 2006 10:31:50 AM

Hey, good for you! Have you tried it yet? If so, would you answer a few questions for me? I'm having problems with mine. What video card are you using? (Please note that I am using the included analog cable. I should be getting my DVI-D cable today.)

Is your black screen a little gray? Mine is. Also, after using Natural Color to calibrate my screen, the colors bleach after 1) a Windows XP OpenGL screen saver, and 2) playing high-color games. I've got a 128MB ATI Radeon 9600XT (AGP).

I've spent more time correcting the color on this model than I should be. If my DVI-D cable doesn't help, I'm thinking of returning this monitor. Please let me know if these things happen to you. Thanks!
January 12, 2006 5:27:25 PM

Yeah I'm running it right next to my 17" CRT and all I can say is, "wow!" The blacks look rich, the greys look soft, everything is crisp and sharp. This 19" LCD puts my ol' 17" CRT to shame. It's a wonder I didn't go blind!

As for any issues? It took me a while to get the calibration set and everything working (about an hour). I used the VGA analog cable that came with the monitor, but it was ok. To me, there was a big difference between analog and digital cable.

I'm using an OC'd MSI NX6600GT-128 video card. With the DVI cable I can control all aspects of the 930B through nVidia's tools, which is really handy. MagicColor I have set to Intelligent and Gamma at Mode 1. I also set the contrast to 100% w/ brightness at 70%. It was a bit bright out of the box and the blacks were a bit grey...

Hope it helps. G'luck!
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January 12, 2006 8:20:52 PM

Thanks for the info! By any chance, do your colors bleach a bit after viewing an XP screen saver?

And NVidia's graphics cards actually have a calibration program? If so, I may have to change brands.
January 12, 2006 11:23:29 PM

I play alotta' games like HL2, BF, BF2, WoW, and many others. I havent noticed any "bleach"ing after a screen saver or game, sorry. When I hooked up my DVI cable, there's a function where I can calibrate my LCD via digital signal: set the gamma, brightness, sharpness, etc. It might be possible that the bleaching problem is from your video card and not the LCD monitor.