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High-end 19" - 24" LCD... Buy Now or Wait

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
January 12, 2006 3:18:58 PM

I'm a very picky person when it comes to monitors. I want my games to look and play perfectly. I want great color fidelity, no (or imperceptible) ghosting and an excellent black level.

My question is... should I buy a monitor now, or will something better be coming along within the next year? Are there new technologies that'll blow the socks off the current generation of monitors?

I can wait, but I don't want to wait unless I'll get a significantly better monitor by waiting up to a year. Price isn't a concern (up to $1000)

Thanks for your input,

-- bigships

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January 12, 2006 4:47:54 PM

Dell 2405FPW are on sale direct for $879
Best monitor I evar pwned!
January 16, 2006 10:47:26 AM

Have a look at the Samsung 970P 19" LCD.

I looked at a quite a few different monitors before I chose the Samsung and I can honestly say that the Samsung was the best performance I have ever seen.

Black is Black, the colours are vibrant and rich and text is astonishingly clear and sharp.

It's an 8bit panel with the latest PVA technology and works best through a DVI cable which is supplied along with an analogue cable.

The design is superb and the build quality is excellent with a wide variety of adjustments.

It retails here in the UK for about £350, sorry don't know what that is in dollars.

I can with doubt heartilty reccommend this monitor as one of the best, if not the best on the market at the price.

At the very least it's worth a look, hope this helps.
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January 16, 2006 7:32:21 PM

How is the 970P with movies? Any ghosting? I am buying a new computer and looking for a monitor that will handle good DVD viewing (swim videos) and the ability to make DVD's.
January 16, 2006 10:34:55 PM

With that budget you should either get the 24" 2405FPW from Dell or look into a 23" HP monitor which I'm pretty sure is it's competition.

I have the 2405fpw and you can get them for around $900. Definitely worth every penny.
January 16, 2006 10:39:13 PM

I am a FPS gamer and also like to watch action movies, so far I have not seen any blurring, streaking or any other problems.

The quality is superb, as you can gather I am now a big fan of this monitor and as stated heartily reccommend it.
January 18, 2006 11:21:20 AM

Thank you all for your specific monitor recomendations. They are certainly appreciated.

However, I'm also looking for a technology and timing recommendation...

Is now a good time to buy... or will I benefit from waiting a year?

-- bigships
January 18, 2006 5:27:34 PM

I Prefer (And Happen To Own) A Monitor That Was [Sadly] Discontinued In Late 2002.... The Silicon Graphics (SGI) 1600SW 17.4" 16:10 Wide-Screen And Its The Absolute Best Monitor Ive Ever Use (If It Dies Im Going "E-Baying" For Another) Its Has An Amazing .23mm Dot Pitch (The Average LCD Has A Dot Pitch Of .255 - .29) And CRT Quality Color Accuracy (97%) And Has A Native Resolution Of 1600x1024. The Whites Are Actually White And The Blacks Are Extremely Close To Black (Dont Let he 350:1 Contrast Fool You The Actual Contrast Ratio Im Positive Is Much Higher) And Even Though ts Offiicial (B/W) Responce Time Is 40ms It Behaves As Smooth If Not Smoother Than Much Faster Rated (12/16ms) LCDs Ive Used/Owned.
January 18, 2006 5:44:08 PM

I doubt its worth it waiting a year... buy now.

As Rich said get the Dell 2405fpw direct from Dell. These monitors rule. Also very cheap!