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I recently purchased a Panasonic TH-50PX50U. I currently have analog cable tv service and have the coaxial cable connected to the Antenna/Cable In connection on the TV. I would like to connect a HDTV antenna to receive local HDTV broadcasts in addition to the cable tv service (the tv has an atsc tuner) . What’s the best way to get the HDTV broadcasts via antenna as well as the cable tv service when the tv only supports a single coaxial connection? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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  1. What you're going to have to purchase is an Over The Air (OTA) receiver and a decent antenna to go along with it. The receiver will connect to the television via component video, HDMI, S-Video, or Composite. I suggest using either HDMI or component since they provide the most bandwidth (thicker cables are better). The OTA receiver will pick up all of your local digital stations but the HD content is "usually" only broadcasted during primetime hours (7pm-11pm). PBS transmits HD content throughout the day. When you're done with local stations just change your TV input back to your analog cable signal. I have this setup and it is pretty cool but i'm longing for more! I am tempted to get a dish but money is tight in New Orleans these days (Hurricane Katrina made life tough here). Hope this helps.
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