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Alright so im having trouble on my laptop that i use for school that has may files that i desperately need. i really need help here guys. basically, it all started when I tried to back up a dvd. I have a very old starwars clone wars dvd that was badly scratched up, and i heard from a friend that i could use 3 programs (dvdshrink, DVDdecrypter, and ripit4me) to possibly make a new copy so i can play it in my dvd player. yes, i know he copies stuff illegally, i just want to do this so i have a working copy of a disc i own.

so i installed all 3 programs, read a guide on how to use them and went through the whole process. as the dvd was being ripped, i left the system alone. when i came back my laptop had 32(!!!) messages saying something like windows host service rundll32 has stopped working. when i click close however it says windows explorer has stopped working. the problem is this keeps happening when i exit the message which means i cant do anything in windows. i did manage to boot to safe mode, but after like 2 minutes the rundll32 thing happens again. i also did a system restore to like 2 days ago, still its messed up.

at this point i really need help. ive googled the issue, and have found stuff about rundll32 issues, but nothing like the problems i am having. i really cant reinstall windows as that means my itunes and school papers are gone. also i use Oracle database software and cant back up my database. i would back these up, but since windows explorer basically restarts every 20 seconds i cant really do anything. any help greatly appriciated.
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  1. Can you try transferring files to an external media (flash, ext. hard drive etc) during the few minutes in safe boot that it works?
  2. the problem is literally when i start to do anything in the system it does what i described. im gonna try a few more things with it, but this is just like terrible. it makes it completely unusable. ive heard to replace teh rundll32 file with a fresh one which i am doing not apparently they can be corrupt, and im trying to get a few registry cleaners to run.

    also im gonna try booting a live version of linux and see if i can play around and back up some files.
  3. pull the hard drive out and put it in a 2.5 inch external enclosure and connect it to another PC. Unless you have some sort of hard drive encryption you should be able to view and retrieve your files from that hard drive. I would thoroughly scan those files for viruses afterwards though.
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