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Hi all, I'm searching for a laptop to bring with me to Iraq. I have a max budget of US$2000. Here are the minimum specs I'm looking for:

17" screen
GeForce 8600M GT or higher
Core 2 Duo T9300 (2.50 GHz) or better
4GB of DDR2 memory

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    Well get the SAGER NP5793

    Its perfect for u
  2. Maziar said:
    Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    Well get the SAGER NP5793

    Its perfect for u

    Seriously... Damn.. That site is hella nice go for that manufacture. I think i might sell my HP and get one of them lmao.
  3. Yeah XOTIC PC has a good repuation + good price + ships world wide
  4. I have a question...why would I get the Sager laptop from, instead of going just getting it from
  5. Also, does the Sager NP5793 have good built-in speakers?
  6. Pretty much no laptop is going to have good speakers. The one on my unit (the predecessor to the 5793) are decent but tend to be a bit tinny. It just comes with the territory.

    As for the Xotic vs, only because for whatever reason xotic is about $100 cheaper. Not sure why or how.
  7. Agreed^^
  8. You'll find about 50 manufacturers who build on that same Clevo chassis.

    Here's the one I bought as it was the most customizable

    The 1920 x 1200 screen is unbelievable.

    Of course, if you gonna go with one 8800 GTX, why not go with 2 in SLI ??? Or maybe 3 HD's in RAID 5 ?

    As for the speakers, I use the Logitech 5500's,en

    And here's a tip that will save ya 40 hours of web searching.

    These Clevos no matter who ya buy em from (Sager, WidowPC, Prostar, whomever) have some of their speaker outputs on the right side and I always found my wrists sitting on them. Worried about what effect that was having on the sockets, I wanted to switch from the 3-4 wire options to the single cable S/PDIF. But no one including ANY of the Clevo distributors knew where to get a cable. I found one place:

    Here's the cable you need to go from "Laptop S/PDIF out" (3.5 mm) to "Speaker S/PDIF in" (RCA):
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