Acer Aspire 5050 series cpu fan grinding noise

alright I have a 1 year old Acer Aspire 5050-5278 laptop

AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50
2GB DDR2 667
14.1 screen
Vista Premium

lent it to my mom and she left it on for about 2 days but it was on a hard table so the vents weren't blocked. it was not dropped or abused in any way and then I was using it when I came home and the fan began to make this grinding/whirring noise. seems to be only when it reachs high speed laptop temps idle is about 50-50C load is 60-65C I'm thinking either the fan needs a blow out (going to try some compressed air in the morning) or possibly the bearings are going bad. any opinions would be appreciated. I'm an A+ certified tech however I don't have the access to the manuals and not sure if it's under warranty but I figure careful use of CA can't hurt

any other opinions are wholeheartedly welcomed as I'm kinda stuck it's my main machine for my college program and right now can't afford to have it die

Thanks guys,

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  1. just gave it a blast with compressed air yesterday morning seems to have cleared it up running at about 50 or so idling on full power (slightly undervolting CPU at .9000V) to help the situation at full load I'm looking a shade under 60 so not too terribly worried fan bearing sounds a little worriesome so have a local shop sourcing a replacement seeing what the cost is although from what I've heard $50 for the whole assembly and about $80 for install or so or if it's just the bearings I asked if they could maybe replace it with one they had lying around and they said they could so looks like i'll do that. I know a lot of people viewed this thread and probably weren't sure what to say in advice but thanks for taking the time anyways


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