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I just recently signed up for a 2 year verizon plan, my 2 year AT&T contract was up. My bill over $200, I was shocked. Never have I had a bill that high. I didn't go over my minutes or data. There are things that say "month in advance", will these charges knock off or I will I be charged monthly? Together all the "month in advance" equal about 70.00
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  1. You may want to contact Verizon to check this.
  2. It's best to walk into a Verizon storefront and politely ask someone there about the charges on your 1st bill. I recall my 1st bill from Verizon being larger than what the monthly fee should be. But I think that was because I signed up in the middle of a billing cycle so my 1st bill was for something like 6 weeks of actual usage.
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