SATA RAID 0 Array and WinXP setup

Anyone have any experience setting up windows on a Raid 0 array? I've got a new Kv8 Asus AMD 64 motherboard, and I'm rolling with dual SATA 10krpm 36gb hard drives....which are recognized fine by the bios and I'm able to setup/define the Array no problem. When I try installing windows XP, it stops and says it doesn't see any hard disks. So I tried Fdisk and setup a partition (only sees 5gb, but I figured I could fix that later), then formatted the partition.....still nothing in Windows XP setup.....

So I start rummaging around the Asus Knowledge base, which is pretty pathetic BTW, but I did manage to find a reference that fits my said "Please make sure that you are using the make disk utility from 378RAID folder and not 378ATA folder. For Promise PDC20378 controller, there are separate drivers for RAID and single drive configurations."

When I use this program to make a floppy copies a bunch of drivers for a bunch of OS's from win98 to winXP, but it's not I figured the only thing I can do is start running the winxp setup and where it says to hit "F-6" to load third party RAID drivers, maybe that's where I need to do it......well, tried that, still no luck (didn't recognize anything on the damn disk)

I've also made sure to check the obvious stuff like flashing the BIOS with the latest update, etc....

Anyone got any ideas? I'm stuck lol
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  1. oh my god, i am also stucked over here, no idea how to setup win xp though a single SATA hd
    so weird...... also saying no hd...

  2. Hmm, I can't find a Kv8 mobo listed on Asus' website... a couple of K8V type mobos.... or an Abit KV8-Max3...

    Can you specify your exact mobo? Or if it is a Asus Kv8 offer a link so I can help have a look around?

    Don't kick me in the teeth for suggesting that you check the BIOS settings again, just to make sure the setup is right for sata hard drives. But to be honest it seems pretty clear that you're missing the [correct] RAID drivers for the WinXP install (that definitely should have come with the mobo). The (albeit few) RAID setups I've seen have all needed a floppy with drivers and a press of F6 to allow WinXP to detect the array...

    I installed a RAID 0 array w/ 2 36gb Raptors only the other week. However, I had to update the RAID drivers from the Highpoint website before WinXP Pro SP1 would install (previously it partitioned and formatted but would go no further). However, I was using a Highpoint PCI RAID card, and WinXP Pro SP1 still saw them.

    [Edit: clarity]

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  3. I am having the same non-recognition of array when loading XP. f4 or ctrl s and I set up the striped array, but windows XP never recognizes???

    I have an asus A7N8X deluxe, and am attempting to use the On-board raid chip.
    Going for the speed (raid 0 striped)
    Any advice would be great...
  4. Also, I assume that I have to have the raid drivers on floppy??
    I have the cd that came with this A7N8X deluxe. Is there a utility to create floppy on this Nforce utilities CD??
    Prehaps ASUS or one of you GURUS Have a better A: drive utility / process I can use to set up XP Pro.
    I am planning to run everything including the OS on this 36.7 raid0 array. How dangerous is this?? I guess I could get another IDE drive, but I am attempting to increase overall speed and seek times.

    Thank You In Advance
  5. There's a lot of debate over whether RAID 0 is worth it for your 'average user' and a lot of evidence saying it isn't worth it for average windows use. Read some of the threads in the past couple of months (there're loads) and the ones at - there're always plenty.

    I've currently chosen not to RAID 0 my OS partition (but rather my games and apps partition), but I can't stick to a decision ;o)

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  6. I am having troubles even getting my drives Raptors recognized (please see earlier posts).
    I am quite concerned that a raid 0 array may become unstable and I would lose my activated microsquish OS (XP Pro).
    Is this technology really STILL that quirky????
    Please Help, The blue setup screen with no HDD found is getting a little boring. :(
  7. Hey ARKUS,
    Could you please provide some advice, since you have already been through the hell I now exist in???
    Please see earlier posts as I too have 2 36.7 raptors.
    Hope to hear from you soon.......
  8. Oh NO..
    Just A little patience... yea, yeah patience.
  9. DAmn NO response...??
    I am losing faith in you boys!!!!
    Do Not turn to the dark side (Commercialism-microsquish).
    ANYway I solved my problem, and am back up and rollin' in my 5.O!!!!!!!
    These two Raptors in raid0 have got Mustang Sally Scorchin'!!!
    I would love some help on adjusting and tweaking them..
    I set up a partion in the win XP setup. Didn't use the entire RAW space (72GB)???
    My single HDD C: seems entire and is listed as 34.4 GB which is approx. what I instinctively spaced-out/partioned or put the partion (Raid 0) because 72GB total was listed during the XP setup/installation..
    I want the raid0 speed but am worried about all the instability I have read about. Having to re-install and especially re-activation could be a huge problem/pain!!!!
    Anyway, Am I only utilizing half???
    This is all the capacity I had anticipated..??????
    Please advise..
    Did the raid0 strip over-ride???
    16 chunk size, what else can I tweak???
    Please let me know before I activate and finalize my installation.
    Thanks............ ;)
  10. I've been using RAID0 on one of my computers for about a year now and havent had any problems. I've also been using it on my other computer for about 3months and no probs either. I did have problems with the Sil3112a controller, but now I have a new motherboard so am using intels ICH5R.

    I dont think RAID0 is very unstable, it simply increases the chances of you loosing data because if 1 drvie fails you loose everything.

    [Insert witty comment here]
  11. Agreed - RAID 0 hasn't been unstable for me either, but ofc, you do risk losing your data more easily.

    Morganwill - if you're having problems with partitioning (that's what it sound slike from your post) and utilising all your h/d space then check through Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management

    You should see all partitions and unused space there, and you can partition and format 'til your heart's content.

    Just to be clear, if you're using two 36gb Raptors in a RAID 0 (striped) array you should have ~72gb available. If you're using two 36gb Raptors in RAID1 (mirroring) then naturally you will only have 36gb available.

    [Edit: added last paragraph]

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  12. THANKS Arkus, someone finally communcicated in a direct manner.
    I was thinking mirroring - thanks.
    I want the speed, Raid0 is clearly the fastest, right?
    What do you advise as far as partioning.
    How about 1 or essientially no partions, all 72 for 1Raid0.
    God the new raptors will make a 144 raid0 strip...
    That should be big enough for most video EDitors, unless your like some people who require over 300 GB??????
    Just teasin' - but Damn

    The patient has a new minor ailment.
    I now have a processor issue:
    A7N8X Delexe rev. 1.04 with newish bios 1007 std.
    XP 3200 (400 fsb???)
    1 GB Corsair the top XMS 3200 LLPT with lot number...
    Dual Raptors 36

    Which has been operating with the optimial setting just fine. I go straight to bios and set cpu frequency to 200, after setting the jumper. Memory seems to in sync up and hopefully dual channel.
    I do have a successful boot and win xp recoginzes my 3200 at 2.21 ghz, But suddenly very buggy, jumpy, and screen constantly/intermittently begins to flash and re-flash.. :(
    I only have the latest Nvidia video drivers from windows updates / Microsquish. Have been hesitating immediately going to nvidia drivers after a recent IDE issue..
    Anyway we are now back at 333, or 166 in my 1007 bios, damn CPU is recoginized as a 2500... :(
    Top of the line so I am still confident that is just a matter of configuration.
    Seems to be pretty frisky/speedy as is.

    Thank YOU
  13. 1) Yeh RAID0 is definatly fastest for sequential read/writes.

    2) Normally I would recommend having a small partition for the operating system (between 3-10gigs) to improve access time. However the raptors are so fast anyway I dont think this would make a huge difference. So 1 partition should be fine.

    3) I dunno, 72Gigs doesnt seem like a whole lot to be, I filled up my 80Gig hard drive pretty fast...

    [Insert witty comment here]
  14. AFAIK RAID0 is the fastest RAID level yes (RAID 1/0 *might* equal it). Re-read the RAID FAQ and the ones at - they tell you everything you could ever want to know about RAID.

    Partitioning really depends on your usage. I would suggest looking at the other threads in this forum for more specific info. In brief on a single RAID 0 array (and if you have no other drives) I would prolly put the OS and Apps on a ~10gb primary partition, and everything else on a ~60gb extended partition/logical drive.

    As for your XP3200 - you're in the wrong forum (and I know virtually nothing about AMD CPUs). Check out the CPU and overclocking forums - or Graphics Card forum if you think that's the problem.

    2*120GbCaviar|Highpoint1640|CRW-F1|GC7000|460w EG465AX-VE(G)
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