Laptop dead, centrino 2 worth waiting for?

Well, I killed my laptop yesterday by plugging in a peripheral that was carrying a static charge. My old laptop was 3 1/2 years old and due for replacement. I have been looking at the xps 1530 but then read a bit about Centrino 2 and wondered if I should limp along for a month or two see what it was all about. Any thoughts would be appreciated. So far all I have seen is the faster FSB and the WiMax support.


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  1. it might be worth waiting. I guess it all depends on how much you use your laptop. In my case I couldn't afford to wait as even though I'm an A+ certified and well as CCNA certified tech I still have to take a college program and if my laptop died I'd have to go buy a new one within 3-5 days max. My advice if you can wait do so if not then take the plunge for something decent now
  2. I work with my computer most all day so I am missing it already but I have bummed one from my company and I have a desktop as well so I can make it a month or so (probably). I guess I just wondered if Centrino 2 (aka.. Montevina) was really something worth waiting on and or if it was coming out soon. I figured someone might have an idea.


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