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I am having some problems with an Epson Stylus Photo 750 printer on an old windows 2000 box. Epsons fancy .exe doesnt want to work correctly, it just unzips the setup exe and continues to run it. It then goes and tells you that it cannot install because it cant find the correct port. The add printer has been tried but it will not load up the wizard due to system resources, but theres 128Mb of ram in there and i cant see that being a huge problem! Does anyone know where i can find the actual driver on the net? or where epson put it when it has been successfully installed? as i have done it on my win2k box. Im not sure if there are any problems with the box as i am 350 miles from its current position! And trying to get a comp illiterate sister and mother to sort it.

It has not been a good few days!


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  1. To Black Solitare,

    Pretty vague---(1) 128 mb of ram is marginal--did you check printer ram requirements?----did you check to see the cable is right---kinda assume you need a usb-2 cable and usb-2 port.--having the wrong either could bomb the install.------and have you transferred the zip file to a directory on your hard drive prior to unzipping?

    But if the printer is new you should be able to get tech support help from Epson.------they may know some tricks and are trained to talk to the computer illiterate.--taking you out of the loop.

    But one other trick to try----when the file unzips and gets to the point of grumbling about insufficent resources---press CTR, ALT, DELETE and shut down the top running process---I have seen some posts where that works;
    the program continues to find the port, and it will not hurt if it does not work.

    But for that matter, its best to start any install with as many un needed processes being shut down anyway. ( things like anti-virus, firewalls, and any un needed programs running which all take up system resources to load and keep running in the background.) It also helps to make sure any previous installed Epson fragments are gone also.

    All things not easy to do 350 miles away--but best guesses I can come up and I am even futher away.----but you may have to bite the bullet and get that extra ram stick---256 ram is far better.
  2. Its about 5 years old, it was brought when the PC was first brought (its a p3 600 so quite old) its using a parralel port on LPT1 an used to work fine on the same computer with windows 98. and yes, all cables are attached correctly.

    It need a whopping 16Mb of RAM to install, so i cant see the RAM being an issue. Its not a ZIP file, its self extracting EXE which then auto runs a setup program.

    I have checked the System resources, there is about 3 things running between the 10 and 15 meg mark. and it says there is about 40% left. Which is more than enough for a 16Mb printer!

    The only thing i really need is to know where epson hide the .dll (as it is on my PC at the mo!)! they dont seem to want to help me with this! Epson customer services arnt really being alot of help, ive emailed them and there is still no reply!

    The only thing i can think of is running a system repair, windows may have corrupted itself with SP4; seems to have a tendancy of doing so...

  3. To Black Solitare,

    So you can probably rule out the cable and LPTI port as the problem.
    But a check on device manager might be in order to make sure the LPTI port has not been grabbed by something else---and its interrupt sequence is still there.

    But I still recommend trying to shut down as many running processes as possible prior to install--and then trying the CTR ALT DeL when the program grumbles--can't hurt and may help.---and you still may need that extra ram stick.---but any ram you free up may get it over the hump.

    But now you mention that extra joker of a mising dll---which I have had past problems with on two printers I tried to install-----the problem is that the install routine assumes the dll is on your computer and IN A GIVEN PLACE---often the dll is still on your computer but has been moved somewhere else as the operating system gets patched.---and the poorly written install routine gives up finding the dll when it can't find it in the expected place. It helps somewhat to know what dll is missing as these dll's are easily downloaded from the internet---but even then its still a problem most tech's don't know how to handle---even if you have the original OS install disk. But these dll's are in the .cab files of the OS install disk and its a pain to extract them so the install routine can use them. But often--especially if you know which dll is missing--you can get the install routine to look in the .cab files or on a floppy disk you have put the dll on.
    But its a certainty------if the printer install routine requires a windows dll
    and can't find it on the computer in the expected place, the printer will not install correctly. But you are going to have to type the path to the unfound dll using dos commands---but that requires a place in the printer install routine that gives you the opportunity to do that.

    But failing help from Epson, it does not sound like its going to be an easy task to get the printer installed with you at a distance.
  4. I didnt think about the LPT being knocked off or abducted by something! I will give that a try. Good idea, especially with windows not liking old tehnology and randomly murdering it.

    The missing .dll isnt a windows one but my sister did mention something about a 'dell' not being there.... the PC is an old Dell build and i thought she was just going mad.... but it could be a missing windows dll now u mention it! What i was on about was the actual driver libary file. So that i could install the driver manually instead of all this wizard and self extracting rubbish! Im not a man who likes wizards! they just feel so hacky!

    Yer i told them to get rid of things but i may have to be a bit more ruthless!


    Ill try that stuff! Ill let u know how it goes!

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