Old Laptop Upgrade worth it?

Fairly standard question, though haven't found answers on any related threads.
Looking at a sandisk SSD 32GB, at $375 on ebay. For an old Presario P3-m 1.0GHz with 256mb 133mhz ram. I mean could I get a complete system for $400 with a faster CPU and RAM that would be faster than this proposed dinosaur-SSD combo. Thanks.
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  1. 375 for a 32gb seems high there is a 32gb for 174 on newegg
  2. probably not worth it imo. simply a do it because I can type thing. might be interesting to use for linux or something else but as for actual usefullness after spening $175+taxes on a 32GB SSD when the laptop itself is worth maybe $200 or $225 tops is a little bit much.
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