Hooking up two computers to wireless

I have a laptop hooked-up to wireless. How do I also hook-up a desktop to the wireless
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  1. Assuming it has a wireless adapter see if its utilities (or Windows Networking) can detect the wireless router's signal.

    If the router has wireless security enabled you will need to select the right security type and supply the password.

    You may need to access the router's setup screens to get the password -- see literature which came with the router for how.
  2. Most desktops do not have a wireless adapter. You would need to buy one either as a USB model or a PCI card. However it is possible that your desktop may have a wireless card, see if you can use the windows wireless connection utility to locate any networks, if not, then you need to buy a card. NOTE: This question was posted in the wrong section and would have gotten more response in Wireless Networking.
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