Cable/DSL router to 10/100 switch issues..eek

Hey everyone. Well, I ended up picking up a LinkSys cable/DSL router. My intent is to hook the Router into my linksys 5 port 10/100 switch.

Now, I should say connecting the Cable/DSL router to my PC directly seems to work, I can get to the router and to the net just fine.

But, hooking it up to the 10/100 switch through the 10/100 switch's uplink port seems to be causing a bit of nastiness. I can't get to the router to configure it at all that way, nor can I get to the net and the Link/Act light flashes on one of the ports on both my 10/100 switch and on the Cable/DSL router (hooked into the PC via patch cable, the light remains solid, no flashing).

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Please make me feel like an idiot =)
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  1. Did you try hookihng it up to another port instead of the uplink port? Sounds to me like you might need a crossover cable if you want to use the uplink port, or vice versa.

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  2. you need to go from the uplink port of the router to a regular port on the switch, not the other way around. If i read your post correctly, you have the switch connected via its uplink port. you need to reverse that as the hierarchy goes from the internet to the router to the switch. so, go from the uplink port on the router to a regular link on the switch. should be good then, amigo!

    Also, remember that when using the routers uplink port that the port right next to it will then be dead as they share the same circuitry.

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  3. Hmm! I don't think the router HAS an uplink port (this is the 1port version). Just reading the router manual it says:

    "If you are connecting the 1-port router to a hub or switch, plug one end of a network cable into the router's LAN port, and the other end into a standard port on your network's hub or switch. Set the LAN port's crossover switch to its straight-through (II) mode.

    If your hub or switch has no more standard ports availble [my ports are used up btw], connect the router using its LAN port to the Uplink port on the hub or switch. Set the crossover switch to straight-through mode (II) for this set-up"

    So, this is why I'm a bit stumped. I seem to be doing everything right. Weird.
  4. Hmm. Jlanka, you know the crossover cable might be my problem. I get the cabling thing mixed up regularily. Patch cable is NOT the same a crossover. I guess I should try a crossover if I have one here, although I'm not sure if I do.
  5. oh, the one port router. well, is your crossover switch set to striaght through? I think what that router has is a switch that can effectively change the port from uplink or straight port. this would make sense. try changing the ports setting without changing your cable arrangment and see if that helps. unless you already did that........

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  6. The answer to your situation is either what I'm saying or what antivirus is saying. If you switch to a non-uplink port you've effectively changed from crossover to straight-through cable. Either one will work. Whatever floats your boat.

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