I like to share with others!

I like to share with others,this might not be the place to do this.So if it is the wrong place could you just move the subject were it belongs!
I been entering in alot of Contest here on facebook ect. In the hopes of winning. This way I can build a better computer. In the hopes of beening able to run and house a GIS Geographic Information System ,What I would name RF GIS tracking. (Retroperitoneal fibrosis GIS Geographic Information System) See I have Retroperitoneal fibrosis in the U.S.A their is not enought information or research being done on people who has Retroperitoneal fibrosis because we are all spread out all over the U.S.A. This is what a doctor told me as to why their is no research or studies being done. But I think were are closer then we think. And doctor are over looking just how many people have Retroperitoneal fibrosis. That were my ideal comes in! With our on RF GIS tracking(Retroperitoneal fibrosis GIS Geographic Information System) will tell the doctor how many people in U.S.A have this disorder. And tell people who has this,were to get the help they need,or join in on a study. But my dreams not working. 1# this computer will not hold all that information. 2# the program cost alot of money. So I thought why not try to win some of these contest. And these contest have some very nice prizes. So wish me luck!
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  1. Actually, if you have a job...Save about 30 dollars/ week, build a rig later, then try joining our F@H team...
  2. Thanks for what you shared!apexis
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