One Time Machine Drive for Multiple Computers?

Does anybody know how to, or if a single Time Machine drive can be used to back up more than one computer?

I'd like to consolidate my Time Machine backups to just one FW800 drive. The drive is already setup as the Time Machine drive for my desktop, how can I get my laptop to also back up to this drive? I've tried to just select that drive through the Time Machine application on the laptop, but it doesn't seem to want to back-up to a shared drive. I also tried adding the shared laptop drive as a 'non-excluded' drive from my desktop's Time Machine application, but that isn't working either.

Does anybody have one network Time Machine drive for multiple computers?
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  1. UPDATE:

    I'm just posting this in case future Tom's members run into a similar situation.

    Problem solved, my Time Machine drive's shared access had been set to 'read only.'
    I need only to mount the Time Machine drive on the laptop and choose it as the back-up drive using the laptop's TM application.

    If anyone is having a similar problem, or is using the older OSX 10.5 Leopard without the Server Edition, Some other recommendations can be found here:
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