Question about SSD Drives and how long the data lasts

Okay, I know that SSD drives and USB Flash drives have a 'write limitation', but I was actually wondering about how long you can READ things from them..... does the data 'degrade' over time like on a regular magnetic storage hard drive, or will the data last near forever without degrading?

I'd like to know because I have a lot of stuff that I would like to 'archive' for eternity, but it is too much to fit on DVD's (and I have heard that those degrade over time!), so I was wondering if those 128 GB USB flash drives would be a better option.
I know that they are expensive, but if it's a case of 'put it on the drive and forget about it', it would be well worth the extra expense.
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    It will 'essentially' stay for eternity, but of course thing fail, and you could get stary EMF that would cause a bit to flip, but essentially with error correction and such, it's as X approaches 100% secure.

    Also, read cycles would not be an issue for integrity is changing states that's the issue for the memory, but it's more likely the controller or some other part would fail than the memory itself from just reading.
  2. Little bit of a follow-up as to how durable/reliable Solid State memory is, look at how well this SD card survived @ sea for months;

    Ain't gonna get 'dat from no magnetic HDD !! ;)
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