DVI makes my LCD buzz? Damage?

I recently bought a Gateway FPD2185W LCD and visually it's fantastic! But... when connected using DVI a slight buzz/whine can be heard coming from the back. It's not very loud, but it's very noticeable to me in my quiet room when not listening to music/gaming/dvd/whatever. At first, I thought my LCD was damaged so I had a replacement sent out. Here's the situation:

LCD #1
-DVI causes a humming noise similar to a fluorescent light. Friend threw out the suggestion that the backlighting could be defective.
-I used this monitor/left it on for nearly a week before the replacement arrived.
-Unplugging the power cord for any length of time did not make the buzz go away. 10 seconds - 3 days
-Buzz still buzzes when not connected to DVI (power cord only, no input)

LCD #2
-Still buzzes with DVI connection.
-Still buzzes with a different DVI cable.
-Still buzzes with a different computer.
-Does NOT buzz using a VGA connection.
(Here�s the part I'm most worried about~)
-When the power is unplugged after only a few minutes of DVI buzzing and plugged back in w/out any DVI connection, the buzzing vanishes! Until DVI cable is hooked up again. VGA still doesn't make any noise.
-After using it for a long period of time, the buzzing doesn't go away regardless of input type. Power only will make it buzz.

So... any clue what's going on? Did I just get a pair of lame LCDs or is this a common thing with DVI connections? I've used many laptops and a few desktop LCD monitors, but I don't remember any of them making a buzz from the rear of the monitor like my two. Or is this normal and I'm just blowing normal operating noise out of proportion? I've got a third of the same model on the way to my home as we speak, and I'd like to be sure of what to expect now =/

Thanks for any help/comments/suggestions!
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  1. I've read about people experiencing this problem with the Dell 2405FPW, also. Of course, now that I want the article, I can't find it. But, it was in Maximum PC a month or so ago. Anyway, from what I read, it's a bad monitor and Gateway should fix or replace it. If I had been able to find the article, maybe I could tell you more; sorry. :oops:
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