Anyone with a Toshiba X205? Need a screenshot

So, I'm having a problem with my X205, or at least I think I am. It's actually my wife's laptop, hence the uncertainty...anyway, I vaguely remember Windows (Vista) seeing the sound system as control panel when you opened the Sounds control, you would see 4.1 listed. Now I only see "2 speakers" and no mention of the subwoofer. Anyway, I need some proof that I'm not crazy on this one.

Can I get some screenshots of what others' laptops are showing. If it really is only two, then I'm just dumb, but if it does say 4.1, then I need to get it fixed. Thanks!
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  1. ok the reason it shows up as 2 speakers is because the speakers are set up in 2 modules. each module has 2 speakers in it. a large one and a small one. each module has one set of cables feeding both speakers in the module. therefore the sound is split into only 2 channels, left and right. the subwoofer is only a slightly larger speaker but is different as it only reproduces the lower tones. it is fed from both left and right channels so it doesnt show up as an individual channel on its own. therefore from the software viewpoint, your computer only see's 2 speakers because it is only sending out 2 channels, left and right. hope this helps. timothy bennett
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