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What laptops are currently king in the realm of battery life? I've considered a mac, but college life has constrained my use...and it likely isnt an option. In terms of performance per price, pc's still reign king.

I know the mac laptops are good...but i dont know if i can make the switch.
So please exclude macs. They're still an option, and with their long battery life, they're currently a top contender. This thread is to consider the alternatives to a low end macbook or macbook pro.
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  1. intel released new ULV processors recently. They're aimed at the £400-£700 market. Depending on your uses and how much your willing to spend I would look at those or an i3. Ill try look out the review.
  2. Any time you invest in any kind of laptop also pays to invest in a battery that has more cells then the stock version.....the more the better. Lot's of stock laptops come with 3 or 4 cells you can get up to 12 on some extra cap batteries..
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