New motheboard, new procssor same hard drive

Hello forum,

Hopefully I am posting this in the right thread but I just wanted to hear some feed back. I am doing reasearch on parts that I want for a CPU that I'm trying to build, I just had a question or two that maybe someone could help me with.

I am looking at a gigabyte M5A97 MB with a Bulldozer FX 8150 Processor. MB has no onboard graphics but I do have a NVIDIA 550TI, 700W PSU and a hard drive from my previous system OS already installed and all 500TI drivers installed.

My question is, and I will put what I think will happen please tell me if I'm right or wrong, once I turn on the PC will I have any issues with graphics being displayed? I believe since the HDD I will be using already has an OS and all required drivers that everything should be plug and play.

I know most answers can come through trial and error but I don't have the budget to buy more parts if I don't get the exact things I need at once. Sorry to theory craft on everyone but that's just the limitations I have from my parents ect.

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  1. I don't think you will have a problem with graphics, but you might have a problem with the OS. If that's an OEM version of Windows, replacing the motherboard and CPU will require you to reactivate, which will fail on an OEM version.
  2. Plus 1 ^ the OS will be your issue but it probably won't boot because it's not an identical configuration.
  3. Asus is a great choice though,I'm running an Asus Sabertooth 990fx with my FX8120.
  4. Thank you for the help everyone. I did go ahead and buy the Gigabyte M5A97 Motherboard, some DDR 3 1333 Ram x2 = 8G, and the FX -8150 processor and everything did not originally boot up smoothly. The BIOs default for Sata HDD is ACHI. After reading through the Manual for the motherboard I found that I was able to change the SATA settings to boot as IDE, which let me boot my Win 7 Enterprise just fine.

    Hope this helps anyone who needs it! If you have any other questions about the mother board or processor please feel free to ask and Ill post up a DXDiag or anythig I can to help.
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